The simple and effective digital solution that makes event organisers’ lives easier by assisting them in the key phases of hosting and managing their guests

Pre event features

Creation of a dedicated website

You can create a completely personalised website in just a few clicks, with no prior programming knowledge.

Creation and sending of invitations

GuestBooster creates personalised invitations and also ensures that your guests receive them.

Registration of participants

You can choose the data you wish to collect to optimize your registration form.


Have some people still not registered for your event? Send them a reminder in just a few clicks.

Payments and invoicing

Do you organize paid events? GuestBooster suggests you manage them autonomously, without increasing the price of our partners.

Sending tickets

Your guests will receive their tickets to your event directly via e-mail, as well as the codes they will need to scan upon arrival.

Onsite features

Fast check-In

Avoid long queues at the entrance to your events thanks our quick entrance ticket scanning.

Automatic badge printing

We assist you in creating and printing your badges, whether before or during your events.

Electronic signature

Thanks to our electronic signature system, you can quickly confirm and check the presence of your guests onsite.

Messages On the Go

Got important information to share during your event? It could not be easier, thanks to our live messaging system.

Real-time analytics

Live follow-up of the data regarding attendance, delays, and absences during your events

Measuring satisfaction

Wondering what your guests thought of a specific aspect of your event? Why not ask them directly?

Post event features

Thank-you notes

Send a personalised thank you note to the people who participated in your event.

Detailed statistics

Get a detailed report about arrivals, absences, departures and the satisfaction of your guests at your events.


Re-use all the collected data by exporting them easily in Excel format.

Our offer

GuestBooster provides you with tailored product packs and prices, whatever your needs and the size of your events. Therefore, you have the choice of two formulas:

• per subscription: access a whole series of features (from €149 / month excluding VAT) to manage all your events autonomously;

• per event: customised service with specific features (onsite assistance and services, provision of equipment, design, ...) available on request.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or to request a quotation.

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