Who are the GuestBooster services for?

Our platform is for organizers of all types of events. Whether you are organising a conference, a trade show, a reception, a festival, a sporting event, a paid or free event, and whether it is for 20 or 5,000 people, we have a solution that is tailored to your needs.

How is GuestBooster different from other guest management solutions?

The GuestBooster platform provides highly customised services according to your profile and your needs. Moreover, it generates your websites, entrance tickets and mail without in any way mentioning or advertising GuestBooster or any other event that does not concern you.

How can I try the GuestBooster software?

Create an account now and try our solutions for free for your events with less than 20 people. For more information, please contact us.

Do I need an internet connection during my event to run GuestBooster ?

Our on-site application allows you to operate without an Internet connection. All information is then stored locally and synchronized once the device is connected to Internet.

What does GuestBooster do with the collected data?

All data collected by the GuestBooster platform at an event remains the exclusive property of the event organizer. For more information about this topic, please see our Privacy Policy.

How do ticket sales work?

The GuestBooster platform allows you to sell your tickets directly on the website created for your event or via the onsite application at a physical point of sale.

Where is GuestBooster located?

The headquarters of GuestBooster is located at rue des Aduatiques 79 in 1040 Brussels.